Let’s imagine that you already have a website, you have invested cleaningforyou so much time and money in creating it and now you expect it to pay back. You keep waiting but the expected number of viewers and sales doesn’t seem to be realized. You waste more time and finance in registering
the web page in different search engines and paid advertisements expecting to achieve top search ranking and an increased number of viewers. But nothing happens. No high ranking, no visitors, no sales, no money.

You realize your internet site does not appear within the first entries when you try to find it via search engines and you come to the conclusion that it needs to be optimized. You start looking through sites and forums which talk about optimization and read what the experts in the field have to say.

And suddenly in front you open up the doors of a new world of promotions and offers for optimization, a new world which looks boundless. All this information is undoubtedly confusing, not to mention the fact that not all you read is true. But don’t be discouraged. There is hope.

We can help you reach your goal and increase the number of visits at your internet site, the visits that will turn into sales. In general, search engines are what users refer to when looking for information, products or services. Almost 90 % of the traffic in Internet is formed by search engines and directories. The optimization for the search engines, the promoting of the website, its registering in the search engines and the good ranking in them are the key to success for any information published on the Internet. Promoting a web page seems to pay back best in comparison with any other type of marketing (online and offline). Traditional forms of advertising try to create in your potential clients a desire for your product or service offered while search engines lead to you those customers that already have that desire. And so in consequence the traffic generated by the search engines turns into an increase in the sales. Alfeeli International offers online marketing and effective methods to advertise your business online at most affordable prices.

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Define:optimization(оптимизация за търсачки)-Changes made to a web page to improve the positioning of that page with one or more search engines. A means of helping potential customers or visitors to find a web site.
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